About Catalyst2020

CATALYST is an annual fest of LLOYD COLLEGE where you could experience an extravagant music festival, dance out the night along with academic events that will polish your talents. It is the First Flagship Literary and Cultural Annual Fest of our college which will be conducted from 27 th February, 2020 to 1 st March, 2020. This event is a beautiful exemplification of solidarity in diversity as it comprises of Trial Advocacy Competition, open mic, book discussion, Sufi nights and many other exhilarating jamborees, in which students of all the leading college from all over India are cordially invited. Passion, courage power enthusiasm and high loaded energies are the few requisites of this adding essence. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s gear up yourself and enjoy this bumper-fun ride which is full of all the emotions. Catalyst will provide you the platform where you can interact with people having different opinion and outlook towards things. The four day event comprising of different celebrities can be one of the attraction but this is not it. Numerous opportunities will come your way it is just that you have to find out the right place to be. Make wild imaginations; simultaneously buckle up yourself for a whistle- stop roller coaster ride which would intensify you to make the most out of your own self. Various events will help you grow as person in individual and would nurture your abilities. Catalyst presents 24 rare and exclusive events. This four day event with electrifying ambience will up to your hype. So, come and experience this breathtaking ride of pomp and show

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'Catalyst' to kick start the stagnant creative legal compounds in us.