Think you’ve got all treasure of legal knowledge? Then come and test your abilities with us. From case laws to jurists, from constitution to current affairs, from audio to visual, your legal knowledge will be tested and awarded. Be a part of our Law Quiz and answer the questions from the depth and command over your legal virtue. It’s not only about awareness it’s also about understanding and confidently answering.

Event Timings

Date : 01-Mar-2020

Time : 10:00:00


  The language for the competition is English.


  The dress code for all the competition shall be Western Formals for Gentlemen and Western or Indian Formals
   for Ladies.


     1.    Each Team shall comprise of two participants.

     2.   Not more than 3 teams are allowed from one college.

     3.   The preliminary round shall be in the written form.

     4.   The questions shall be in the form of multiple-choice, true/false statements, specific answer based, etc.

     5.   Top 8 teams scoring the highest marks in the written quiz shall qualify for the final round.

     6.   The quiz will cover topics related to:

a)     Constitutional Laws

b)     Current Affairs

c)     Case Laws


1. Winner: Rs. 11000/- (with trophy and certificate).

2. First Runner's up to Rs. 7000/- (with trophy and certificate).

3. Second Runner's up to Rs. 3000/- (with trophy and certificate).

    All the participants will be given a participation certificate.


1. Screening Round (written)

    i. There are 50 Multiple Choice Questions in the Preliminary written rounds. The time duration for the                          Preliminary round is 30 min. On the basis of merit, teams shall qualify for the final round.

   ii. After the Preliminary round, test copies will be checked and the result for the teams selected for  
       the final round will be declared. 

       Eight teams shall qualify to face quiz rounds.

2. Round I :

   i. 5 questions shall be put up per team.

  ii. 30 seconds shall be given for giving the answer.

 iii. 10 marks each shall be awarded for the correct.

3. Round II: Case Law Round

     Rules similar to Round-I, There will be a draw of lots for allocation of particular case law to a team and                 questions related to that case will be asked from that team.

4. Round III. Audio Visual Round (Buzzer Round – Clippings will be shown)

   i. The teams shall view the screen for the visual question or listen to the audio clipping and then provide
  the answer.

  ii. The respondent, who presses the buzzer the earliest, shall answer the question.

 iii. Other rules are similar to Round I.

5. Round IV. Rapid Fire Round

   iQuestions shall be put up before the teams within a span of one minute.

  ii. The respondent has to provide the answers in quick succession.

 iii. Each question shall be of 10 marks each.


Contact Us

E-mail ID: sankalp1216@gmail.com

Student Coordinators

                    Ms. AKRITI SINGH                                                                        Mr. SANKALP SRIVASTAVA                      

                                 7408858203                                                                                                                       9354872325


1.      Registration (without accommodation and only lunch) - Rs. 400/-javascript:nicTemp();

2.      Last date of Registration – 15th February 2020.

3.      Date of Competition- 01st March 2020.

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