No wonder great poets are so rare to come by! Poetries can be extremely powerful and bring out the beauty of a language in its purest form. And only the most talented poets can write poems poignant enough to move the readers to tears. If you love poetry and are a fan of words, Catalyst will give you a chance to express yourself in the most natural and raw form and take the audience on a heart- rendering and emotional journey.

Event Timings

Date : 28-Feb-2020

Time : 12:00:00


 1. Any length and style of poetry is accepted (for example - blank verse, rhyme, sonnet or abstract). 

 2. Poem must be an original piece of work-plagiarism of any sort if detected will result in immediate  disqualification.

 3. Time limit is 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, there is a 10 second grace period after which penalty
 will be imposed. 

 4. Use of props, special costumes, musical instruments or prerecorded music is not allowed. 

 5. The top three performances shall be adjudged the winners of Poetry Slam. 

 6. We will take 2 entries from a particular college (entries may be reduced to 1, depending on the
 discretion of the organizers). The judging shall however be done individually. 

 7. Judges' decision is final and binding. 

 8. The organizing team reserves the right to change or modify the rules. 

 9. Usage of notes, chits, phone will lead to negative marking.

       Winner - Cash Prize of Rs. 5000/- with a Trophy and Certificate.



    E-mail ID: cellcultural767@gmail.com


                                          VEDANSH KUMAR - +918826543496                                         
ABHINAV MISHRA - +918789198286

 1. Click here for Registration link for participation. 

The registration fee is Rs 400/- (without accommodation).
 3. Registration to be done by filling this form before 15/02/2020.
 4. Payment to be made by the payment tab below and the details are to be shared with the organizers 
     on or before 15/02/2020.
. BHIM UPI ID:- 6388217854@ybi
       Google Pay No. :- 6388217854
       Paytm BHIM UPI ID:- 6388217854@paytm                
  6. The payment screenshot should be shared on the provided number along with the details.

6388217854 (Ms. Nupur Pandey)

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