It is better to debate a question without settling it than to settle a question without debating it.
Debating is about gaining broad, multi-faceted knowledge cutting across several disciplines.
Debate helps learners to see power of deploying rational, reasoned arguments and compelling
evidence in action. It enhances the ability to structure and organize thoughts. It instills a great
sense of poise and confidence. Thus, we present you a stage to execute your ideas, deliberate
and contest expressions and take the high note. Catalyst presents the classic conventional
form of debating to enshrine and express your thoughts!

Event Timings

Date : 29-Feb-2020

Time : 09:00:00


 The debate will follow the two on two debating format.

      Each team comprises of two speakers. One "FOR" the motion and the

          other "AGAINST" the motion.

      The motion will be released 10 -15 days prior to the Competition.

      Each speaker will be given 4 minutes and there will be a question round

         for 30 seconds.

      Reading out of the paper is not allowed.

      The winner would be decided on the basis of scores given by the

         adjudicators and the decision of the adjudicators will be final.

      The scores are the cumulative average of both the speakers of the team,

         while the individual scores will be scrutinized for the two best speakers.

Note:- The mode of the debate shall be in English.


    The competition is open to all undergraduate students registered with any

     recognized university in India.


     A participation certificate will be given to all the participants.

     Winning Team will be awarded with a Trophy and
certificate of 

Best Speakers:

     a) For the motion: Rs. 3000/- and a certificate of appreciation.

     b) Against the motion: Rs. 3000/- and a certificate of appreciation.

Second Best Speaker:

    a) For the motion: Rs. 2000/- and a certificate of appreciation.

    b) Against the motion: Rs. 2000/- and a certificate of appreciation.




VARTIKA MITTAL                                                                               KARTIK MISHRA

(9896129580)                                                                                 (9650639614)


      The teams must register online at https://forms.gle/FBTpkkNUfWSf55qF6

      Online registrations are open till 20/2/2020. They will receive an acknowledgement

         cum approval as confirmation of their online registration & participation periodically

          after registration.

       The registration fee for each TEAM is Rs. 500/- (without accommodation).

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