Unless you think like a judge you shall not be able to convince him of being a lawyer. Think like a judge and form an opinion. Look around because the grey is to be skipped here. "Faisla" has to be given right here, right now. One of the most important aspects of the legal profession is the task of the judiciary. In a common law system like India where judicial decisions from precedents, it is important to be able to adjudge the rationality of the person adjudicating the matter in a court of law. Decision making is an important element of the legal system. "Faisla" is an event strategically designed to probe the analytical and decision-making skills of a law student. This event focuses on storming the rationality of the person along with his legal know-how. Lloyd Law College, therefore, extends a warm invitation to all the interested participants to allow us to be the "CATALYST" in redefining your analytical and decision-making skills.

Event Timings

Date : 29-Feb-2020


1. The judgment has to be written according to the format of the relevant High Court or Supreme Court or Forum depending on the case problem. The format shall follow the Civil/ Criminal Laws based on the case problem.

2. The final judgment has to be compiled in not more than 3000 words. The judgment must be handwritten and shall be submitted within the allotted time.

3. Footnotes shall not be included in the final judgment document.

4. The submissions should be handwritten and must be made within the given time limit.


1.  Individual scores will not be revealed in any case. Participants are requested not to contact the organizers for the same.

2. Marking Scheme is as follows:

 i.    Charge 20
ii.    Format 20
iii.   Points of Determination 20
iv.   Marshaling 10
v.     Appreciation 10
vi.    Findings 20


1. Use of any unfair means is highly discouraged and shall lead to direct disqualification.

2. Absence at the time of competition shall lead to direct disqualification from the competition.


1.  Participants are not allowed to refer to any legal document other than those provided to them. 

2. Participants should report to the allocated room not later than 30 minutes after the commencement of competition.

3. All kinds of necessary assistance shall be provided to the participants apart from matters concerning the case.

4. Use of electronic devices is not allowed.

5. The final draft shall not be ambiguous and must be declaratory in nature.

6. Creating new facts is highly discouraged and shall lead to negative marking.     


 1.  The results declared and decisions made by the jury would be final and binding on all.

2.   2.  No negotiations, deliberations on grievances regarding the results shall be entertained.

3.   3.  Results shall be declared at the conclusion of the event.


All students pursuing undergraduate course in law (5 year/3 year) from any university across India are eligible
to participate in "Faisla".

A participation certificate will be given to all the participants.
        2. Winner: Cash prize of Rs. 10000/-  A Trophy and a certificate of appreciation. 
        3. Runners up: Cash prize of Rs. 5000/-  A Trophy and a certificate of appreciation.


I. Prashita Mishra: 8933879966
Email- prashitamishra98@gmail.com
II. Sheena: 8192079644
Email- sheenatyagi18@gmail.com



2. Online registrations will be open from 15/12/2019  and will close on 20/02/2020 will receive an acknowledgement
    cum approval as confirmation of their online registration & participation periodically after registration.

3. The registration fee per participant shall be Rs. 400/- (without accommodation and Lunch).

4. Extra amount of 900 is to be paid for accommodation for 1 day and the same has to be conveyed to the organisers
     before 20/02/2020. 


1) UPI : prashitamishra98@oksbi

2) Patym : 8192079644

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