Street play or "Nukkad Natak" is the best way to connect with common man and the youth. It is a platform in which people can raise their voice and get the proper justice. These are much brief, direct and used to address the social and political message head on with the help of drama. The catchy phrases, songs, crisp script, humour and loudness help in making a long lasting and powerful effect on our right to freedom of speech and expressions respectively. The lack of properness and informal atmosphere brings the real life look. This enthusiasm, if used in correct manner can lead to drastic change in our society. Change in society comes with the change in the mindset of the people and street plays can rightly achieve the goal. "Raise your voice and raise your life".

Event Timings

Date : 01-Mar-2020

Time : 13:00:00

      1. Languages used can be both English and Hindi.

     2. The Competition shall be open for 'bona-fide' students who are an undergrad and post grad from any
     Institute/ University in India. 

     3. Team should comprise of minimum 06 and maximum 10 students including boys and girls both.

     4. Team registration fee Rs. 500/- (non-refundable and without accommodation and Lunch). 

     5. Time limit= 18 minutes, warning bell at 20 minutes, team will be disqualified, if they exceed the time limit.

     6.  RULES:

           i.  No technical support will be provided by the host team.   
      ii. Teams using any props must bring all their requirements and must be ready in time as per instructions
           of the organizer. Teams can sing/ dance to create music by themselves.   
     iii. The competition will be conducted on a ground like open place and hence no microphones and music
           system will be provided.
     iv.  In case of abusive language, team will be disqualified.   
      v.  Decision of judges will be binding on the teams and no objection shall be entertained.



·         Social cause (सामाजिक मुद्दा)

1. Winning team:  Cash Prize Rs. 11000/- Trophy and a Certificate.

2. Runner's Up Team: Cash Prize Rs 7000/- Trophy and a Certificate.

3. Best Performer: Cash Prize Rs. 2100/- Trophy and a Certificate

   (Participation certificates shall be provided to all the participating teams).




HRITUL CHAUHAN - 6388258069
DARPAN KUMAR - 9910716726



2. Online registration will be open from 01/12/2019. The teams will receive an acknowledgment cum approval
as confirmation of their online registration and participation periodically after registration.

3.  A scanned copy of the letter from the participating college/ institution /university duly signed by any one
of the following Faculty-in-charge, Registrar, Principal, Dean, Director, Chancellor or Vice Chancellor
confirming the names of the participants, Year in which studying, representing the 
each participants email id and contact number.

4. Payment of Rs. 2000 to be made with the payment tab at the end of this window.

5. Scanned soft copies should be sent before 10/02/2020 and the hard copies of the letter and the
online registration form should bye duly carried by the participants on the competition day
and directly handover to the registration desk.

Social Updates

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