The ability to answer questions of law and questions of fact are the biggest skills that an advocate must have within himself. Lloyd National Trial and Appellate Advocacy Competition is a unique platform that provides you with an opportunity to develop both of these skills and showcase it in front of the bests in the bar. Unlike any other competition in the country, it is the closest to the actual form of advocacy and teaches you the best of laws and procedures. It also provides with the best opportunity to show the inner metal that you are made off. Come and experience yourself as an advocate of both Sessions court and Supreme Court and live a case as if it is your life.

Event Timings

Date : 27-Feb-2020


   The language for the Oral Rounds of Competition and memorials shall be in English only. The witness, who is minor or women is
   free to use mix language.


    Inside the court room, the participant shall follow the below mentioned formal dress code -

 i) Females: White Kurta, Black Salwar and Black Dupatta or White Shirt, Black Trousers and Black Coat
                (including neckband and gown).

ii) Males: White Shirt, Black Trousers and Black Coat (including neckband and gown).

   The dress code for all the functions at the competition shall be Western Formals for men and Western or Indian Formals for Ladies.


The competition shall comprise of three stages:

i)   Stage I: Memorial Elimination Rounds

This shall be open to all the teams who register for the competition. The results of this round shall be based on the evaluation
of memorials and shall determine the 24 teams who will proceed to stage-II.

ii) Stage II: Trial Advocacy Round

The teams who qualify Stage I shall be eligible to participate in the Trial Advocacy Rounds which shall comprise of
Oral Rounds of Sessions courts proceedings (Preliminary Rounds and Quarter Finals). The top 4 teams will qualify for the
final stage of the competition.

iii) Stage III: Appellate Round

Top 4 teams from Stage II will be eligible to participate in the appellate round which shall comprise of Oral Rounds of 
Supreme Court proceedings (Semi-finals and Finals).


   The Competition shall be open for ‘bona-fide’ students who are pursuing LL.M. Programme or integrated 5 year LL.B. Programme
   or 3 year LL.B. Programme from any Institute/University in India. Such Institute/University must be recognized by the Bar Council
   of India.


    i)  Each team shall consist of a minimum of 2 and maximum of 3 members. This number cannot be modified under any circumstances.

   ii)  There can be 2 speakers and 1 researcher designated for each team.

  iii) Teams have the option of designating two of its members to be speakers for the prosecution and the other two speakers
  for the defence. The team shall notify such an arrangement before the commencement of the round to the court assistants.
  Such a team shall not, during any stage of the competition, rearrange the position of its members to form any new combination.

  iv) Each team will be provided with a unique team code by draw of lots during the orientation. The identity of the teams shall not
  be disclosed at any stage, such disclosure shall invite penalties including disqualification. The decision for the same shall be
  at the discretion of the Administrator.


The memorials shall be evaluated out of 200 points. The criteria for evaluation are as follows:


Knowledge of Law and Facts     -

50 Points


Proper and Articulate Analysis   -

50 Points


Extent and Use of Research      -

40 Points


Clarity and Organization            -

40 Points


Grammar and Style                   -

20 Points


1. There will be four rounds in the competition:

i)   Prelims – I & II

ii)  Quarter Finals

iii) Semi Finals

iv) Finals

2. Time for different speakers in prelims & Quarter-finals:

i)   Opening Statement – 5 min

ii)  Examination-in-chief – 10 min

iii) Cross-examination – 15 min

iv) Closing Statement – 8 min

3. Quarter-finals will be knockout rounds. The team with highest oral round scores in each court room will qualify to the next round.

4. The teams with maximum number of wins in the prelims rounds will qualify for the quarter finals.

5. In case of a tie in the number of wins, the team with maximum marks in both the rounds will be given the preference.
    If still there is a tie then, the team scoring more marks in the oral rounds will proceed to the next round.

6. Quarter finals will be power match round. This means the match will be:

i)        1st positioned team v. 8th positioned team: Court 1

ii)       2nd positioned team v. 7th positioned team: Court 2

iii)      3rd positioned team v. 6th positioned team: Court 3

iv)      4th positioned team v. 5th positioned team: Court 4

7. The match for the semi-finals will be:

i)        Winner of Court 1 v. Winner of Court 4

ii)       Winner of Court 2 v. Winner of Court 3

     8. Each team will have to represent once prosecution and once defence in the prelims rounds. In the knockout round, the side
         to be represented by the teams will be decided by the way of draw of lots.


       1. Teams are required to submit their memorials for the appellate rounds during the registration at the venue.

       2. The rules for memorials of appellate rounds are same as it was for the memorials of trial advocacy rounds.

       3. However, the teams are free to plead on additional issues which they have not written in their memorials.

       4. All the Supreme Court of India rules and procedures are to be followed by the teams.


1. Winner:- Trophy and Cash Prize of Rs.40,000 INR

Runner up:- Trophy and Cash Prize of Rs.20,000 INR

Best Student Advocate:- Trophy and Cash Prize of Rs.10,000 INR

2nd Best Student Advocate:- Trophy and Cash Prize of Rs.6000 INR

Best Memorial:- Trophy and Cash Prize of Rs.10,000 INR

2nd Best Memorial:- Trophy and Cash Prize of Rs.6,000 INR

Best Speaker for the Finals:- Trophy


The entire competition will be divided into three rounds:

  I. Memorial Selection

 II. Trial Advocacy Round

III .Appellate Round


1.     There is no cap on the number of teams registering for the memorial selection round.

2.     Every team is required to pay Rs. 500/- at the time of provisional registration. The amount is not refundable under
   any circumstances.

3.     The host institution will be providing with a trial proposition that will contain all the evidences.

4.     After the submission of the soft copies of memorials no changes could be made into it. For every change a penalty of 1 mark
   will be awarded.

5.     There is no restriction on any kind of evidences if proper procedures of law for their production are followed.

6.     The memorials have to be submitted on typed A4 size paper printed on one side and must contain:

    i)  The Table of Contents

   ii)  The Index of Authorities

  iii)  The Statement of Jurisdiction

  iv)  The Statement of Facts (1 page only and submissions of an argumentative statement of facts would attract penalties)

   v)  The Statement of Charges

  vi)  The Summary of Arguments

 vii)  The Arguments Advanced (15 pages)

viii)  The Prayer

7.  Arguments advanced must not exceed 15 (fifteen) pages. The font size should be 12, Font Style should be Times New Roman
and for double-spaced. Footnotes must be in font size 10; Font Style should be Blue book 20th edition and double space
left between footnotes.

8.  Memorials should be preferably staple bound. Comb/spiral or any other form of binding will be considered improper
binding. Please avoid plastic front sheets /separators.

  i) Memorials must have a one inch margin on all sides of each page.

 ii) Page numbering should be on the top right side of each page.

iii) Covers must be placed on briefs as follows: Prosecution: Pale Blue Color, Defence: Light Red Color.

iv) The cover page of Memorials must state the following: The cause title Identity of brief as Prosecution or Defence.

9.  Identity of the institution shall not be revealed anywhere in the memorial. Instead, code numbers allotted to the students
by the host institution should be mentioned. Violation of this provision shall result in penalties including disqualification.
The Administrator’s decision shall be final.

10.The teams shall have an option to submit a compendium of not more than 25 pages (printed on both sides), which shall carry
all case laws that have been referred to in the memorial. The paper book shall have a white cover and 2 copies shall be
in possession with the participants & can be passed on to the bench on demand through the court officers.
Any identifying marks/seal of the college on the paper book shall attract severe penalties including disqualification.
The submission of this paper book does NOT necessarily entitle the team to any additional marks.


  i)  Top 24 teams from the memorial selection round will qualify for the oral rounds.

 ii)  All the selected teams shall submit the registration amount of Rs. 6000/- within 5 days of the declaration of the results
 of memorial selection rounds
or the seat will go to team having the next highest marks in memorial selection rounds.

iii) The teams will be provided with 4 witnesses each in the prelims round and with 5 witnesses in the quarters.

iv)  However the number of witnesses can be increased at the discretion of the organizing committee.

 v)  No changes to the fact sheet could be made. All the things mentioned in the fact sheet are undisputed facts of the case and
 thus cannot be changed. Any changes to the same can lead to the disqualification of the team. The final judgment on the
 same will be solely of the organizing committee. However, additions to the fact sheet are welcomed if it is within the frame
 of the provided fact sheet.


      1.  The Appellate round consists of Semi-finals and finals.

      2.   One team from each courtroom, securing highest marks in the semi-finals round shall qualify for the Final rounds.
 The team codes of the teams qualifying for the Final round shall be declared immediately after the results of the
 semi-final   rounds.

     3.  The appellate round shall be either a Special Leave Petition or an Appeal filed in the Hon’ble Supreme Court
challenging the judgment of the High Court of the problem of trial round.
Copy of the judgment will be provided
to the qualifying teams soon after the announcement of the results of quarter finals.

     4.  The teams appearing for the Petitioner and the Respondent shall be decided by a draw of lots which will be
conducted immediately after the results of the Semi Final Round are declared.

     5.  The timings provided for the Final Round will be 70 minutes for each team. No speaker shall be permitted to address the
Court for a period more than 40 minutes. Each team may reserve a maximum of ten minutes from the allotted time
for the purpose of rebuttal.

     6.  The finalist teams shall be at the liberty to frame suitable issues related to questions of law.


          CONTACT US 

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  • 2. Online registrations will be open from 23/11/2019 will receive an acknowledgement cum approval as confirmation of their online registration & participation periodically after registration.
  • 3. A scanned copy of the letter from the participating college/ institution / university duly signed by any one of the following:- Faculty-in-charge of MCS / MCA, Registrar, Principal, Dean, Director, Chancellor or Vice-Chancellor confirming the names of the participants, Year / semester in which studying, representing the college/ institution / university for the moot competition will have to be attached during the online registration process (The approval letter shall be formatted on the letterhead of the participating institution/college/university. Alternatively you may use the registration form itself as appended below).

  • 4. Registrations without the scanned copy of the approval letter from the college/institution/ university or duly attested registration form will not be valid.

  • 5. Once online registration is done no change in names will be possible. However, in exceptional circumstances if a change in name is inevitable a fresh online registration have to be made along with a scanned copy of the approval letter from the college/institution/ university or duly attested registration form clearly explaining the reasons for the change and with authorized signatory & seal of the college/ institution /university.

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