Do you think you have the rhythm and energy to set the dance floor a fire?

Do you have tingling sensations run down your veins when you hear the music? If yes, then it’s time to let yourself 
loose and prove your mettle in our diverse competitions. 
Get your crew or set the floor a blaze with your solo number and dance like no one’s watching.

Event Timings

Date : 29-Feb-2020

Time : 15:30:00


  1) Usage of props is allowed. These have to be brought by the teams themselves.

  2) The group must comprise of minimum 8 students and a maximum of 13.

  3) The performance should not exceed the time limit of 12 minutes.

  4) The participants are required to bring their own costumes and props for their performance.

  5) Teams must submit their soundtrack to their assigned volunteers in a pen-drive.
       (at least one day before the event).

  6) Any kind of fluid, flame, powder, glitters and sharp object is strictly not allowed. 

  7) There is a cap of only one team per institution.

  8) Any form of vulgarity will lead to immediate disqualification. 

  9) Exceeding the time limit laid down, will result to negative marking.

10) Green room will be provided to the participants.

11) The decision of the judges shall be final and binding.

12) The losses /damages to the props is not the responsibility of the organizers. 

13) Judging criteria:   
        a. Choreography - Costume - Stage utilization   
        b. Expression - Innovation - Overall performance   
        c. Coordination 


Winning Team:
Cash prize of 10,000/-

       CONTACT US 

           E-mail ID:


HRITUL KUMAR - 6388258069

DARPAN KUMAR - 9910716726


 2. Registrations will be open from 15/12/2019. Teams opting for offline registration shall 
register in the campus (Lloyd Law College) and shall pay the required amount on the spot.

 3. You can register on spot as well.

 4. Once the registration is done, the amount will not be refunded.

 5. Team registration fee is Rs.850/-

 6. BHIM UPI ID:- 6388217854@ybi

       Google Pay No. :- 6388217854
       Paytm BHIM UPI ID:- 6388217854@paytm                
  7. The payment screenshot should be shared on the provided number along with the details.

6388217854 (Ms. Nupur Pandey)

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