Healthy debating enforces critical thinking principles i.e. looking at things from a different angle, with increased perspective and less pre-judgement, and it is rightly said that it is better to debate a question without settling it than to settle a question without debating it.Greetings debaters,

Lloyd Law College has an active debate society which takes part in different debates and MUN’s all over India. Lloyd Law College is proudly presenting its very first event as Lloyd Diplomacy Summit 2020 to give back to the debating community that it belongs to. The event, Lloyd Diplomacy Summit ‘Rashtra Nirmana Parmodharma’ provides its delegates an unrivaled Youth Parliament experience by running highly personalized, dynamic and engaging national as well as international committees. The event puts forth six committees in which the delegates can get themselves registered, that would be witnessing arguments on various interesting and thought provoking arguments.

This platform of constructive debate, challenging agendas, and loads of fun will be providing students a platform to participate as delegates, gain knowledge about the policy making process of our nation, learn and master the subtle art of diplomacy and take part in invigorating debates. This academic event aims to promote parliamentary communication skills in the students and hence hence pave a way for grooming today’s youth into tomorrow’s leaders that would lead the nation.

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